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Notes from the Archive:

Our History Room document collection has been greatly enhanced due to the generosity of Easthampton resident, Jim Carroll. In the course of his own research, Jim has photocopied several thousand news clippings from 1797-1942 concerning the town of Pelham. Items include the history of Pelham houses, schools, churches, people, Orient Springs, and many colorful stories not recorded in official town records. Thank you to Jim for this wonderful collection and thank you to the late Rob Keyes, formerly our History Room Coordinator, for the many, many hours he spent making these documents ready for the Pelham collection and available to researchers.


Pelham Historic Assets Survey:

Contains the histories of 27 houses along Amherst Road

#2 Amherst Road #4 Amherst Road #5 Amherst Road #7 Amherst Road
#8 Amherst Road #17 Amherst Road #18 Amherst Road #20 Amherst Road
#22 Amherst Road #24 Amherst Road #25 Amherst Road #29 Amherst Road
#34 Amherst Road #37 Amherst Road #40 Amherst Road #44 Amherst Road
#48 Amherst Road #49 Amherst Road #50 Amherst Road #51 Amherst Road
#52 Amherst Road #53 Amherst Road #55 Amherst Road #57 Amherst Road
#59 Amherst Road #76 Amherst Road #87 Amherst Road  


Guide To The Collection:

Pelham Free Public Library History Room Archives Collection
Pelham Topics and Pelham Genealogy

Compiled by Robert Lord Keyes; March 8, 2000; Revised, 2004

Pelham Topics:

[Intro paragraph]

Search the entire text of volume 1. (Word) (PDF)

Search individual topics by title (Word) (PDF)

History of Pelham, Mass. 1738-1898
by C. O. Parmenter:

This excerpt (pages 294-501) has been copied from History of Pelham, Mass. From 1738 to 1898 by C.O. Parmenter, published in Amherst, Mass. by the Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, 1898.

It does not include the Index, found on pages 509-531, nor does it include the list of Town Officers and Representatives to the General Court, 1763-1898 (pages 502-508).

Transcribed by Happi Cramer 2006-2007. Pelham, Massachusetts.

Search the text of pages 294-501: (Word) (PDF)

Guide To The Gould Family Archives Collection:

Compiled by Robert Lord Keyes; October, 2002.

This collection documents three generations of the Gould Family in Pelham; First Generation, Frank B. Gould [1872-1950] and Emma L. Pierce Gould [1872-1946]; Second Generation, Chester Frank Gould [1897-1952] and Nellie Pearl Verge Gould [1898-1985]; and Third Generation, Richard Lyman Gould [1924-1989] and Norman Sherwood Gould [1926-2001]. Items include personal and financial papers, diaries, family Bibles, photographs, recipes, cards and correspondence, World War II service letters home and family genealogy.

Pelham Oral History Project:

Between 1979 and 1981, Barbara Benda Jenkins conducted 21 oral history sound recordings with long-time Pelham residents. The recordings were transcribed by a number of volunteers, and then, in 2003, were electronically transcribed by Happi Cramer.

In a few instances, the transcripts have been edited for on-line presentation. Editorial notations are signified with brackets “[ ]”. The complete, unedited texts—as well as the sound recordings themselves—are available at the Pelham Free Public Library History Room.

Robert Lord Keyes
February 12, 2005

Pelham Oral History Project: Part 1 PDF or Microsoft Word
Part 1 Includes conversations with: Flora Adriance, Daniel Henry Allen, Mark Aldrich, Harold Bohmer, George W. Burrows, Paul H. Campbell, Ethel Cushman, Herbert Goodell.

Pelham Oral History Project: Part 2 PDF or Microsoft Word
Part 2 Includes conversations with Gifford Towle, Lawrence “Bud” Willson, Marion Wilson, Marie Yegian.

Pelham Oral History Project : Part 3 PDF or Microsoft Word
Part 3 Includes conversations with John Partridge Hunt, Pearl Keyes, Sr., Evelyn Kimball, Gladys Olds Reed, Mabel Lumley, M. Carlton Robinson, Sally Shepard, Beatrice Irene Smith, Mary L. H. Taylor.

Pelham, Massachusetts: Town Hall Complex:

The Oldest Town Hall in Continuous Use in the United States

A history by Robert Lord Keyes; 2001

The Valley Road and Silver Street:

A history by M. Louise Brewer dated September 14, 1929.

Conkey Family of Pelham, Massachusetts

A genealogy report by Robert Lord Keyes; 2005. PDF or Microsoft Word





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